SEO Training

SEO Training in Patna

SEO Training in Patna
Adwen Plus offers SEO Training in Patna for people and companies looking to improve their online presence. Students learn practical skills in search engine optimization tactics, keyword research, and content optimization to boost website ranks and drive organic traffic from qualified instructors and hands-on learning. To keep ahead in the digital marketing race, enroll in SEO training in Patna.

SEO Certification Course Overview:

Course Overview

A systematic curriculum is offered via the “SEO Certification Course” to help students grasp the art of search engine optimization. Students explore important ideas including link building, SEO analytics, and on-page and off-page optimization. Participants gain knowledge on how to plan, carry out, and evaluate SEO strategies through hands-on activities and case studies. The certification confirms their proficiency in improving online visibility and search engine rankings after successful completion.

Key features of the course

Skills covered

These abilities are crucial for people who want to succeed in search engine optimization and raise their websites’ ranks and online visibility.

Benefits: Designation & Salary

Designation and Salary (as of the last update in September 2021):

Designation Salary

Training Options:

Training Options

SEO Training Course Curriculum:

Eligibility/ Who can join our course?

SEO Training Course Curriculum


Course Content

An overview of SEO:
  • Recognizing its significance
  • workings of search engines
On-Page Optimization:
  • Analysis and investigation of keywords
  • approaches for optimizing content
  • Meta descriptions, header tags, and title tags
  • image enhancement
  • both internal and external linking in URLs
Off-Page Optimization:
  • Techniques for Link Building
  • SEO and social media
  • blogging by guests and outreach
  • Reputation management online
Technical SEO:
  • URL canonicalization and website architecture
  • Sitemap XML
  • Markup schema
  • Mobile Enhancement
Optimization of Google My Business:
  • Citations and directories for the area
  • Reviews and ratings found online
  • geographic keyword targeting
Google Analytics configuration and use:
  • monitoring website usage and traffic
  • KPIs and reporting for SEO
  • SEO analysis tools
SEO Resources and Tools: 
  • Overview of SEO resources (such as Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs)
  • SEO resources, both free and paid
  • Extensions and plugins for SEO
Content plan for SEO and content marketing:
  • SEO blogging
  • quality and relevancy of the content
Optimizing the product page for SEO in e-commerce:
  • E-commerce best practices for SEO
  • The markup for product schema
Mobile website design that is SEO and mobile-friendly:
  • optimum mobile SEO techniques
  • Rapidly Accessed Mobile Pages
SEO Ethics and Best Practices:
  • White hat, black hat, and gray hat SEO
  • SEO industry standards and ethical guidelines
  • Avoiding SEO penalties
Understanding changes to search engine algorithms:
  • Algorithm Updates and Trends
  • keeping up with SEO developments and trends
Real-world projects and exercises:
  • practical training on utilizing SEO methods
  • Putting SEO tactics to use on a website
  • Case studies and practical assignments
Evaluation and Certification:
  • Assessment and evaluation of course knowledge
  • issuance of a certification following accomplishment

Why choose us?

Best Digital Marketing Course of Patna with: Best Digital Marketing Course Comprehensive Services: Adwen Plus provides a wide range of digital marketing services. They have you covered for everything, from pay-per-click advertising and social media management to SEO and content marketing with an all-inclusive strategy. Adwen Pus provides a well-rounded perspective and practical experience in digital marketing which can be really beneficial for your company as well as for increasing your skills. Customized Approaches: When it comes to digital marketing, one size does not fit all. Adwen Plus understands this and adjusts strategies to meet the specific needs of your brand. They take the time to learn about your company, target market, and objectives, making sure that each approach is a perfect fit for your brand. Tailored solutions can be more effective in meeting your specific needs. Data-driven Decisions: Decisions in the digital sphere must be data-driven and informed by insights. Adwen Plus uses a data-driven strategy to arrive at decisions. We monitor and evaluate your digital campaigns, making adjustments to your tactics based on current performance data and ensuring the success of your marketing initiatives. Inquire about their approach to data analysis and decision-making. A data-driven approach is crucial for digital marketing success. Results-Oriented Track Record: We stand out because of our history of producing results. Adwen Plus has a track record of assisting brands in achieving their online marketing objectives. Our track record and customer endorsements demonstrate our capacity to translate financial commitments to digital marketing into observable results.

SEO Exams & Certifications (Support/FAQ)

Who qualifies for SEO training?

Anyone who wants to increase their internet visibility is eligible for SEO training. This covers anyone wishing to improve their digital skills as well as digital marketers, website owners, small business owners, marketing experts. SEO training is accessible to both novices and seasoned experts due to the vast range of expertise levels it caters to.

Is working as an SEO easy or difficult?

The complexity of working as an SEO expert might vary depending on a number of things. Keyword research and on-page optimization are two fundamental SEO chores that might be quite simple. But when you learn about technical SEO, off-page optimization, and keeping up with constantly evolving search engine algorithms, the sector becomes increasingly difficult. Being successful in SEO frequently requires constant learning, flexibility, and a thorough understanding of digital marketing, making it a subject that can be both simple for newcomers and challenging for seasoned professionals.

Is a job in SEO rewarding?

For people who get joy from assisting websites to rank better in search results and boost organic traffic, a career as an SEO expert can be satisfying. It can be professionally rewarding to successfully enhance a site’s visibility because this can increase brand exposure, web traffic, and prospective conversions. Challenges can exist, though, as SEO work can be difficult and subject to adjustments in search engine algorithms. In the end, the benefits in the SEO profession depend on personal objectives, efforts, and the particular sector or business one works for.

Does SEO need a lot of work?

Yes, SEO frequently calls for a lot of time and effort. Tasks including keyword research, content production, technical optimization, link building, and constant monitoring are necessary to achieve and maintain strong search engine rankings. Consistent effort and adjusting to algorithm changes are frequently required for SEO success. Depending on the industry’s level of competition and the objectives of the SEO campaign, the amount of work needed may change.

How long does it take to learn SEO?

Depending on an individual’s experience, prior knowledge, and level of skill goals, learning SEO takes a different amount of time. It could take a few weeks to a few months to have a fundamental understanding of SEO ideas and methods. Several months to a year or more of constant learning and practical practice are usually required to become proficient and stay current with the field’s changing requirements. Advanced SEO experts frequently devote several years to learning the nuances of the industry. The secret is to put an emphasis on practical experience and keep up with the most recent business trends.

Is a job in SEO worthwhile?

For those who appreciate working in the digital marketing industry and get satisfaction from assisting websites in increasing their internet traffic and exposure, a job in SEO may be useful. It provides a dynamic, demanding work path with room for advancement. Job satisfaction can vary depending on personal interests and the unique organization or sector in which one works, and SEO success necessitates continual learning and adaptation to algorithm changes.