Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is no new concept in this modern era as it came up with the emergence of online business. It is a big process of how, to step by step, take a business website to the top of search results. With us, you get everything without any blackhat tricks.

Search engine optimization is carried out in two ways: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Before the coming up of panda upgrade in Google search engine optimization was easy but with the recent upgrades Google became intelligent enough to tackle manipulation. Now search engines can be optimized but in an appropriate way. Both on page and off page optimization deals in the same thing but they both work differently.

On-page optimization

This one is all about presentation of the website, its arrangement according to the search engines. There are some easy ways for on page optimization which includes correct and efficient use of keywords for the website, relevant and updated content for better search optimization of the website, title tags, heading tags and interlinking.

Proficient use of keywords

Use of keywords in the content is the most important and older way to optimize search. Both primary and secondary keywords are to be kept in mind and there should be a frequent use of these keywords in the content. In fact the whole content should revolve around the keywords so that search engines can be optimized.

Suitable content

Suitable content is all that Google search engines are looking for. Earlier it was easy to manipulate the search engines but not anymore. That is why relevant and upgraded content can help the website to get optimized search.

Title tags

This is a new technique for on page optimization, title tags are those options which are shown when we are searching for some related topics. Thus, title tags must be set in accordance to the keywords used in the content. In order to raise the search the title tag must have the primary secondary and acknowledged keywords in proper sequence as Google asks.

Heading tags

The tags defining the web page are the one called heading tags. In easy words the main heading and subheadings comes under heading tags. One thing that is to be considered is that the keywords must be included in the tags in every page.

Off-page optimization

This one is the other way to raise the search of the website. This works in a different way and follows different techniques than the on-page optimization. Unlike on page optimization it takes time to improve. Obtaining back links to the web page is all that is done in off line optimization. There are again some important strategies which are followed for the search optimization of the site.

Obtaining back links

In order to obtain back links to web page one needs to emphasize on quality optimization and not quantity orientation. One must determine its targeted audience and then accordingly create quality content to acquire back links to the webpage. As now it is not easy to manipulate the audience and thus quality of the content should not be compromised.

Assistance of Social media

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more social sites have come up and are of great significance in regards to optimizing backlinks. Most of the audience can be targeted through social media so posting links of the contents on social media is of great help. Posting images or providing relevant content regarding the web page is the best step towards search optimization.

Creating channels on youtube and other sites regarding the content is again an easy way for getting more back links to the website.


Social bookmarks though is an old technique used for getting back links but is still in use. Emergence of numerous sites where people look for topics of their concern is again assisting websites to get more audience. Thus, creating bookmark panels helps to share relevant content with more people and thus raising the scope of more back links.

There are many more ways that have emerged in order to optimize the search both on-page and off-page. Only thing that needs to be kept in mind is quality matters in both. Quality content should be the priority in order to optimize search.